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The Greatest Story Ever Told

          Have you ever encountered the most remarkable story ever told? It’s a narrative brimming with heroes and villains, tales of war and peace, the rise and fall of empires, and the extraordinary deeds of both ordinary and exceptional individuals. This is a story that speaks to anyone striving to overcome adversity, find solace amidst turmoil, and embrace the triumph of the human spirit.

Spanning nearly 2,000 years and chronicled by 40 different men across 66 books, this timeless saga unveils the very essence of humanity's journey on Earth from its inception to its ultimate destiny. Compiled into a single volume, it stands as the bestselling book in human history, its divine author transcending time and space. Despite being penned by kings, shepherds, businessmen, and others from diverse backgrounds, the unity of its message is unmistakable. This grand narrative is none other than the Holy Bible.

Within its pages lies a profound purpose—a guiding light for the lost, a steadfast companion in times of need, a powerful instrument for defense, and a wellspring of wisdom and insight. It is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative potential within each of us. Embark on a journey of a lifetime today. Discover why the Bible is hailed as the greatest story ever told.

Experience the profound narrative of the Bible by receiving a

FREE pack of Quick Notes or sharing one with a friend.


May God's Word be a lamp unto your steps

and light the path before you!

Domenic and Charlie

Summary of activity to date:

We have seeded over 200 of The Assignment books and 1600 packs of Quick Notes to evangelists, prison and jail ministries, a university, small Bible and prayer groups, churches, and individuals. We have been asked to provide 160 sets of The Assignment books and Quick Notes to 160 prisoners this past week. Any contribution would bless these inmates with hope and a new life.

Visit our website for more insight on the discipleship movement.

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