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 For FIFTY years as partners in marriage, business, and ministry, Domenic and Charlie Fusco have blended their talents, skills, wisdom and faith-based vision to exemplify the virtues of true success to the glory of God. The Fuscos are founders of Visible Light Ministries and Image Artistry Video and Film. Both are based in Central Florida where they reside.


Anti-God media and communications assault the Church and Christian values through the misuse of the arts, news, and entertainment. They increasingly promote hedonism, anti-Biblical values and often unhealthy lifestyles to a global audience. Visible Light founders, Domenic and Charlie Fusco, have made this arena their personal mission field with the mission of inspiring the Church to counter the darkness they promote.



Whether working with professionals or aspiring artists in classroom or seminars, on location in production in the marketplace, Church/ministry gatherings, or through social media, Domenic and Charlie model and share the message of Gods love, truth, goodness, and beauty. The Fuscos have tirelessly used their talents, resources, expertise, influence, and spiritual gifts to reverse negative influences in the industry. 



Visible Light produces inspirational  materials to support Christian ministries and are useful in sharing the Gospel in varied settings around the world. Specific materials are listed under ABOUT THE FOUNDERS and RESOURCES.




Visible Light assists churches, ministries, and missions who are facing ever-evolving social media demands. This has been and remains a key mission and ultimate goal of Visible Light Ministries. A partial listing of media produced in support of ministries around the world is provided below. Visible Light Ministries pursues its mission of unity by fully supporting the entire Body of Christ with its services. 


Visible Light Ministries Brochure


Now, for the first time, the factual account of Jack Roland Murphy is coming to the screen. How did this child prodigy with brilliance become America’ most infamous jewel thief? How did a young man with such promise in the arts and athletics turn to crime and condemn himself to a cell for life? One of prison system’s most complicated minds and gifted human beings is unraveled before your eyes convincingly illustrating that choices are deadly, but redemption is for everyone.

But that isn’t the end of Murf’s story.


Catch a wild ride through a pipeline of danger, intrigue, fame, fortune and murder. Lock your doors.  Hide your jewels. “Murf the Surf” is on the loose again and up to new capers that have tough-guys around the globe holding up their hands crying, “MERCY!”



Feature Length Film



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