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Visible Light Ministries

"All things become visible when exposed to the light"


Founders - Domenic and Charlie Fusco


Visible Light Ministries' founders, Domenic, and Charlie Fusco have the vision to impact culture through arts, and entertainment with faith-based media and support the Church in their calling, to reach the lost with the positive message of the Gospel.

Recording Studio

Fifty Years of Creativity - Visible Light Ministries Brochure
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Murf the Surf Documentary

Now, for the first time, the factual account of Jack Roland Murphy is coming to the screen. How did this child prodigy with brilliance become America’s most infamous jewel thief? How did a young man with such promise in the arts and athletics turn to crime and condemn himself to a cell for life? One of the prison system’s most complicated minds and gifted human beings is unraveled before your eyes convincingly illustrating that choices are deadly, but redemption is for everyone.

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Feature Length Film Coming Soon

          The Assignment                    Quick Notes

A Prophetic Message and Mission for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we are experiencing this very day. This book is not a discipleship program but a resource pointing to the historical upper room event of the Spirit and Truth, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God, that are needed for discipleship and hence church growth. The book includes fundamental truth in topical form for easily learning the basics of the Christian faith.  Getting saved is just a start. Jesus said to go and make disciples. Start now!

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