What ONE Thing Have You Always Dreamed of Doing?

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In 1959 I looked out my classroom window and dreamed of one day seeing St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. I drew a picture of St. Basil's Cathedral which I still have.  I dreamed of traveling the world. Now as a film maker, I have fulfilled all my childhood dreams and more. Traveling to Siberia, South America, Africa, Israel, Italy, Canada, Hawaii, Netherlands, Moscow, the Caribbean Islands, most of the United States and more. 

I want to share the ONE thing that changed my life forever!

I was asked a question by a friend. 

Where Will YOU Be 10 Years from Today?


I didn't have an answer.


Want to know what he replied?


The book Be Amazing, will help you answer these questions and start  a self discovery journey that will change your life forever as the contents of this book has done for me. 

We want to help you truly find your your place in the body of Christ. For a guide to help you answer those questions and more.

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 Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:8, Romans 12:2

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Character is Built, Not Bought


He challenged me to answer these questions

How old will I be 10 years from today?

What personal goal will I achieve by that age

What assets and liabilities will help or hinder me?

Evaluate the value of your true positive and negative beliefs.

Where do I envision and expect to be in ten years?

We have shared these exercises with thousands of people since 1981 and we want to share them with you so that you might experience Spiritual transformation and reach higher than ever before in every area of life. First we have a gift for you...

My life completely changed when I began to apply the principles in this book and I have spent half a lifetime sharing them to inspire and educate individuals with these practical Gospel based truths.

The book Be Amazing  is a part of the Articles of Transformation series shown below. Don't settle for Plan "B" in life. Discover and prosper in the sacred, individual plan God has for you and share with others His goodness and Glory!

Domenic and Charlie Fusco


Now Forty Years later the Complete Articles of Transformation series is available with additional materials on three very important  character attributes of Christ; VISION, DECISION and DISCIPLINE.

Since 1980 we have taught the principles and truths found in the Articles of Transformation and now as producers, directors, and  creative team we have produced artistic videos with beautiful images and music to more effectively communicate the what, why and more importantly how to grow into the greatness God has planned for you.

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Discovery and develop the character attributes of Christ. Break through the barriers that hold you back from the greatness God has planned for you! Start !

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