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What is Every Believer's Assignment?

  • Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, Matt 28:19

  • Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creationMark 16:15

  • You are my witnesses... I am sending you…
    You are clothed with power from on high. 
    Luke 24:48 

  • Follow Me. John 21:1

The Assignment Prophetic Message and Mission for True Disciples

Faith-based fellowship is a major factor in individual spiritual formation and church growth. People have a deep desire to be known, appreciated, and included. Many times this is unattainable without small groups. Home groups have historically bound people together offering support and encouragement in a world filled with isolation and loneliness. People are healed, completed, and secured in the faith from the belonging that small groups offer. There is no other way to accomplish “The Assignment” than to do it the Master’s way.

Dr. Larry Linkous

New Life Space Coast, Founder


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Quickly Learn What True Christians Believe and Do

Quick Notes: The Essential Topical Teachings of Biblical Christianity


The Bible is a comprehensive source of God's plan and will for disciples of Jesus Christ. Although it takes years to understand its many layers of truth, you can know the essential teachings of Biblical Christianity through the topics covered in the Quick Notes. They have been specifically authored to accelerate your growth and faith as a believer.

Quick Notes Now Actively Used in These Ministries.

Prisons and jails, home groups, evangelists, Jesus Revolution 2.0 pilot discipleship groups, universities for entrance qualification, Uber outreach, fellowship groups, churches, individual ministries, throughout the USA, the Caribbean Islands, Italy, etc. These are ongoing ministries we support. 

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Make Knowledgeable Disciples  

Ben Franklin said,

Tell me, and I forget,

Teach me, and I remember,

Involve me, and I learn.

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