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From earliest youth, Charlie Fusco has been a friend of God. Drawn to God’s love and power at ten years of age through the films “The Ten Commandments” and “King of Kings”, she was quick to respond to the invitation to be born-again at a Billy Graham crusade. Even a brief encounter with Charlie will soon confirm Jesus’ plan for her life. She lives to make the world beautiful by expressing Christ’s love, His light, and her insights into His character through the written word and innumerable artistic endeavors.

While honing her natural talents into creative skills through the study of fine arts at the University of Tennessee, Charlie met the love of her life, Domenic Fusco. They were married in August of 1969. Shortly after, Charlie pursued the study of applied art and interior design through New York School of Interior Design’s distance learning program. Charlie and Domenic welcomed their only child, Giovannina, in 1973. Decades later - by then with three grand children in tow (Gabriella, Anabella, and Lorenzo) - Charlie received her Master of Religious Arts from Aiden University.

For forty-eight years as partners in marriage, business, and ministry, Charlie and Domenic Fusco have blended their talents, skills, wisdom, and faith-based vision to exemplify the virtues of true success to the glory of God. Their vision to use their arts, media, and technical expertise in support of ministers and missionaries around the world has been their active pursuit for over thirty years. They have used their unique talents, skills, and Biblical knowledge to develop teaching materials for catechesis and support media for churches, ministries and missionaries across the globe. Domenic and Charlie are founders of Visible Light Ministries and Image Artistry Video and Film based in Central Florida.


The Fusco’s teaching series “The Articles of Transformation” is the love child born of their passion to reveal God’s character and His plan for man through close observation and study of His magnificent creation. They also co-author Great News Online: weekly inspirational insights referencing famous quotes followed by practical and spiritual insights on the subject.

If within your mind there is a vision, and within your heart the belief you can accomplish it, then within your hand is a masterpiece.”                               Charlie Fusco

Charlie Fusco, MA

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