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Visible Light Ministries & Aidan University Present

Personal Discovery workshopS

Someone once said if you are thinking about a task you can accomplish in a lifetime, you are thinking too small! I have yet to meet a true Christian who wasn't willing to stake his or her very existence on the extent of their purpose to win the lost to Christ. Their very lives extend on to the generations to come by imitating and demonstrating the character of Christ.


God's plan for your journey

To empower you in the development of the character attributes of Christ.      

To help you discover God's personal plan for your life.  


To provide life-changing, practical exercises for highly effective personal transformation.


personal discovery AGENDA
God reveals Himself through what He has made.
Romans 1:20
The Olive Tree: VISION
What you plant today might only be harvested
by your grand children.
Decisions determine what grows and where you go!
The Constellations: DISCIPLINE
The power of transforming disciples.
Interactive Coaching: DIRECTION
​The beginning of an amazing life!
Interactive Lunch

A highly interactive experience.  

Domenic Fusco
Co-Founder & Co-Author of the Articles of Transformation
Charlie Fusco
Co-Founder & Co-Author of the Articles of Transformation
Dr. Charles Travis
Founder of Logos Global Network and Aidan University
what you get
The Articles of Transformation Books ($44 value)
The Articles and Personal Discovery Journal
Certificate of Completion
(optional college credit)
Interaction with leaders and participants

Fee and Terms: Registration Required

The normal fee for this workshop is $295 per person but is made available as a ministry to Aidan University and Logos Global Network participants for a donation of $59 per person, $99 per couple. This fee includes lunch, certificate of completion, Articles of Transformation book (300 pages) and Articles of Transformation Journal (200 pages), plus a link to the session videos.  

                 (a maximum of 40 people will be accepted)

A non refundable deposit of $20 is due by September 8th and the

balance at the workshop. Donation at the door is $69

This event will positively transform you to greater heights of personal success.

We are looking for facilitators for the Articles of Transformation workshops. 

Please contact us below for hosting a Personal Discovery Workshop in your area.

16 sept 2017, 9:30
5353 Arlington Expy #211, Jacksonville, FL
What You Get
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