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Marketplace Christianity

What kind of person is successful in the marketplace? Ask any employer who she or he would hire. Or ask any employee who he or she would like to work for. Would it be a person who adheres to Christian ethics or a progressive philosophy of values clarification or situation ethics, i.e. if it feels good do it. It's comparing someone who goes the extra mile, serves others, is honest, works hard versus a bent toward self-service even if it means lying, stealing or deceiving. Here is a comparison of life-styles:

The Tree of Life



Christ Centered Life


There is a God


Divine Creation


Super Natural Man


Absolute Standards


Obey God


Serve Others


Make Sacrifice


Internal Self Government


Long Term Gratification




Eternal Life

The Tree of Knowledge  


Self Centered Life


There is No God


Natural Man

Values Clarification

Situation Ethics

Self Serve

Live in the Moment

External Government

Immediate Gratification

No Hope


Developing the Character of Christ Works in the Marketplace!

It's All About Character!

The 3 Legged Table

The simplest of analogies to illustrate the building of a successful business or career is that of constructing your enterprise or profession on a three legged table. If any of the legs is significantly shorter than the others the table will fall (fail). 

In a very general sense the three legs represent 1. opportunity,

2. business knowledge and skills and 3. possessing positive personal character attributes. You may be given a great opportunity, have college degrees or a certificates of accomplishment,  but without the proven character traits for success you will most likely fail or fall short of success: over 90% of all new businesses fail within two years.

The paradigm transition from employee to entrepreneur can be a critical challenge. Experience shows success in business as well as relationships almost always comes down to acquisition and application of knowledge  and most importantly developing positive character attributes.

Success: It's all about Character!!!  


Join us on a journey of self discovery and develop the irrefutable character attributes, and skills every successful person possesses. You will quickly develop the passion and purpose God has for you. Persistence in listening, put these truths to action and reap a life of  amazing benefits. We are with you!

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