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Your Journey of Personal Discovery Begins Now

The Be Amazing Complimenting Videos


This life-changing journey of personal transformation will change your life forever! If you have read the book and performed the most important exercises the following videos will reinforce your quest to find God's plan for your life and develop the character attrite of VISION. Videos          through          are bonus videos that cover the basics for transformation.   Videos         through         compliment the Be Amazing book chapters noted.

Be Amazing and Dream!


What Treasure is More Valuable than Gold.

Alexander the Great conquered the world in twelve years and created one of history's greatest empires. The secret to his success can be attributed to three basic activities. Before he took action, he studied and knew his enemy well. He sent out spies to observe their habits, customs, vulnerabilities and the size of their armies and weaponry. When Alexander acquired this knowledge, he created a plan. Once he crafted his strategy, he took action coming upon his enemy swiftly. And as we say, “the rest is history.”  The steps to victory for any corporate enterprise, spiritual mission or personal transformation is not unlike the quest of Alexander the Great. 

Start by understanding the principles of how we are transformed.


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

What one word in this ancient passage is the secret to success?  WHAT ONE WORD? Is it Law? If we adhere to laws we will be successful? No. Meditate? No. Wrong again. Some have even guessed it is Careful. Not a chance! Here’s a hint. The secret to your success appears in the passage more frequently than any other word for a good reason... so you won't miss it!

What one word in the ancient passage is the secret to your success .

Watch this film        


Two More Absolutes for Personal Transformation.

The difference between champions and mere survivors is between their ears: it’s their thought-life. If you’re assessing yourself in light of the negative things running around in your head right now, STOP! Your end story has not been written. Take heart! You can change your thinking from a limiting force to become a seat of infinite possibilities. You can be transformed from a comfort zone of common fear to one of faith, belief and ultimate success.

Once you have these keys your journey will sour upward.


Begin to Dream Again! 

The greatest achievers possess this character attribute. It has taken decades to understand the many layers of insight in each Article of Transformation. And now the door to these mysteries are opened to you with the key.  Your journey to find hidden treasures begins with the revelation of how our dreams are tied to all those who come after us.

Discover how our greatest treasure can be found in the generations beyond..


God says He has plans for your life

Begin here to discover your plan for life! 


The planting of the olive grove must be carried out with regard to the requirements of individual trees. Each tree should be separated from the others by a length of thirty strides. Scripture tells us that we are unique creations of God.


Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!

It is amazing to think about. Your workmanship is marvelous- and how well I know it.

                                           Psalms 139:14      Living Bible

Begin to discover your plan for life!


Accentuate the Positive!

Evaluate your Assets and Liabilities. Set aside enough time to accurately and honestly take personal inventory. Do this in the quiet of your home, office or personal retreat without distraction of electronics, phones, or other intrusions. Do not feel like you must complete this exercise in one sitting. Even if you only have a few minutes at a time, list one item. Dwell on it – even if only briefly. Resume the exercise when the next opportunity for solitude presents itself. Plan this time into your schedule as soon as possible.

You may be surprised; the things that come easy are worth pursuing.


The Impact of Making a Real Decision!

The decisions we make are like seeds. They are the source of our identity: what we plant determines WHAT will grow (wheat or thistles), and WHERE we go.


Decisions create our identity. Make a decision to break out of your pre-decided path… those plans made for you from birth through the age of reason. If you are a parent, this is a reminder to you to allow your children to begin to make choices appropriate to their age so that they learn by reason of use how to make good decisions later in life. It is better to make a bad decision when the consequence is small and there is a supportive safety net and wise counsel to guide you into making better choices ahead. 


When you finished the Be Amazing book and have watched the videos above your life will begin to change!

Now for a graduate course in personal transformation. The book The Articles of Transformation is the next step in developing additional character attributes of Christ that will bring you to the pinnacle of personal success.  

A Masterpiece!     

Dr. Larry Kennedy    President - Quality Management Institute 

It's time for a cultural revolution.  

Dr. Charles Travis   Logos Global Network

Discover through the revelations taught by God’s creations, how to be successful in all things that count.  

Fr. Richard W. Trout

These Articles should be mandatory coursework for all high school students. What a way to start out in life!

Paul Morris  VP of ExFuse Inc.

The Articles of Transformation offer principles for living a prosperous life: from the challenges to the victories.

JP Ely Pro Golfer

Receive the Things You Hope For!

The Articles of Transformation series contains twenty one Chapters of Life changing principles, and easy to apply techniques for becoming all God has destined you to be. The above beautiful online videos affirm these secrets to success. 

Build a Better Life By Building a Better You


         Dream again: Develop the Character attribute of VISION. 

          Envision, then expect to see yourself at your final destination.

          DECISIONS are the source of your identity. Be careful making them.


          Many poor people WORK hard: be sure to work smart and work right.

          Change your life by changing your WORDS.


          The Power of right ASSOCIATIONS.

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Developing the character of Christ found in these books: vision, decision, and discipline will carry you to victory in all areas of life. 

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