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Have Fun Sharing the Gospel Without Offending Anyone!

I have had fun with this for many years and in just a few moments witness people affirm their faith in God and/or become aware of the God's love for them (saved and lost people). Here is how.

The next time someone says "Have a nice day", you respond by saying, "and you have a wonderful life and if I don't see you again I'll see you in Heaven"

You get one of three responses:

  1. Why yes you will! Tell them, be sure to look me up when you get to Heaven.

  2. I'm trying my best to make it to Heaven. You then respond by asking them; Don't you know it's free to get in? No one is good enough to work their way in. If you want to know how, I can tell you the User Name and Password. Wait a moment for a response and whisper to them, When you get the pearly gates of Heaven, the User Name is Jesus, the Pass Word is the Cross - the Cross covers everything. You're forgiven and you're free to enter. Believe it. It works.

  3. Often the person will just look at you. Your response is the same as in 2. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with an attitude of compassion and grace and watch Heaven open!

How simple is that? If they show interest send them to Also there is a sign up form for additional free materials. God bless.

Please pass this on to friends and fellow Christians. Give them a chance to encourage people with God’s love. No telling how powerful one new soul can be for the Kingdom and the reward they will receive for having a little conversation like the one above with a stranger.

God bless,


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