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"… O Lord, we beseech You, send now prosperity and give us success!"

Psalm 118:25 Amplified Bible

Hi Friends! Just checking in to see how you are holding up under "house arrest". There's just so many home projects (like the flower arrangement pictured in this post) that a girl can do. I've written blogs. I've read the Bible and prayed: a lot. I’ve done research on myriad subjects, and read (actually read) dozens of magazines. I've organized and re-organized EVERYTHING: even Marie Kondo would approve. And, like most of us, I've spent way too much time on Facebook. Here I am again. (Ha!)

Did I mention I now know the hosts of all the DIY shows, their kids, and dogs by name? Yep! I've become a binge watcher of American designer/renovators this past six weeks. The Netflix wonder, “The Great British Baking Show”, has even enticed my husband to bake. Something is certain to happen after watching six seasons of pastry shows in the span of four weeks. I am fairly sure it will be an expanding derriere (sigh). And, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the daily Presidential "pressers" on FOX News. I've faithfully watched: day-in, and day out. Without a doubt, I’m officially an expert on "social distancing" and "hand washing". I have the dermatitis on my ring finger to prove I mastered the drill. (Happy birthday to you, happy birthday times two…”).

So, here we are! After six weeks under the "stay-at-home" order, and a few pounds heavier from lack of activity and stress eating, I imagine we're all pretty antsy. But, today, I’m feeling especially motivated. I have a new mission! It's time for the caged bird to sing. I am fully in flight mode and determined to get out there and stimulate the economy. This is my "Make America Solvent Again" plan.

First things first for me: book that mani-pedi and get a haircut (the mirror doesn’t lie). Shortly after, I'll resume lunching with my girlfriends at struggling restaurants in our beautiful, historic Sanford. Next stop: shopping!!! to buy the outfit I couldn't shop for this Easter. Point of purchase? Wear that new frock and a smile to CHURCH - and worship beside other believers - and praise God for being set FREE: Spirit, soul, and body…Alleluia!

In my small part of the world, I plan to lend economic support as much and as often as possible. Just ask my husband. He’ll tell you I am up for the task. My plan is to “buy locally”. Even if an item costs a bit more than buying from chains and big box stores, local suppliers will top my “buy here” list. I’ll buy eggs from the lady down the street, fresh baked bread and deli meats from the market on the square, veggies and fruits from the farmer’s market, and home-made ice cream from the Mom & Pop creamery nearby. Seafood will be purchased only from sources carrying “wild caught Gulf shrimp”, “Maine lobster” or my favorite "halibut steaks from Alaska”. And, when purchases must be made from beyond local sources, I will be looking online and in stores for that beautiful label: MADE in AMERICA!

My first project beyond the death threat of Covid-19 will be a celebration of life: a garden to be planted outside my art room window. I’ll hire my neighborhood handyman/ gardener to lay the stone pavers for a small patio, to connect the St. Francis fountain to a water source, and for planting my garden design. All nursery supplies will be purchased from my favorite organic grower just across the lake. At the garden’s center, I will plant a fragrant gardenia bush in memory of all we have lost to Covid-19: fellow citizens, a bustling economy, carefree living, and a sense of safety. Every person has lost someone or something significant: a loved one, a lost job or business, loss of time and freedom, and so much more. Every time I tend to that memorial plant or smell its flowers, I will say a prayer for the total restoration and health of America… precious health!

So, dear friends, it’s time to fly free! Let’s support the end of our ties with untrustworthy foreign sources of medicine and medical supplies, food, and even technical supplies found faulty, unreliable, and deadly during this crisis. Join me in support of our great American industries and workers who have proven that they have our backs during this dark time in history. Let’s recover our economy in record-breaking time by putting our buying power to work where integrity and quality can be counted on.

Join me. Support local businesses. Buy American. Make America Solvent Again!

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26. Apr. 2020

Amen! That's a great plan🙏🇺🇸💜

Gefällt mir
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