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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Henry Ford

Every successful and prosperous individual will admit to having experienced set-backs or failures on the way to the top. Those stumbles and failures can become milestones of opportunity to assess the playing field and move forward. There’s no time for licking wounds. Instead, think on this: “no pain…no gain”. If you avoid pain by quitting, you’re postponing or ending growth toward your destiny. In the face of pain…PERSIST! Your pain will become gain in due season if you allow it. Pick yourself up. Push through the pain of disappointment, embarrassment, and temporary loss. Begin again with a new wisdom - a new awareness - of what will be required of you to succeed. Have you ever noticed that the grass is greener in the valley than on the mountaintop? When you’re in the valley of failure, it can open you up to grasping for sustenance – new answers and a new path. Failure is a far greater teacher and motivator than success. When we’re “fat and happy”, we rarely pray for rain. But, when we’re scorched by the heat of failure and embarrassment, we open ourselves to learn how to survive. Be nourished by persistence rather than opting out for a quick fix. Until your last breath, “keep on keeping on”. Don’t stop until you reap the reward of your sacrifice and hard learned lessons and actually feast your eyes on the view from the top. Never… NEVER… give up! ...and endurance produces character, and character produces hope... Romans 5:4 NRS


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