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What ONE Thing Have You Always Dreamed of Doing?

Why Not Now?

   The Purpose
of this series is for individuals to discover God's plan for their lives and develop the character attributes of Christ using God's creations as tutors, as inspired by Romans 1:20.


The Articles of Transformation is a series combining Bible truths with practical exercises to help personal transformation through the process of self discovery. Using God's creative approach, we teach by revealing Him through what He has made with the Godly vision for victorious living .

From the movie: 

Finding Jack Brodie 

The story of The Articles of Transformation begins with a boy who grew up in the latter part of the 19th century. As a member of a poor family who were pawns of the Industrial Revolution, this young lad became discontent with his station in life. By his early twenties, he set out to find the distant paradise he increasingly longed for.​ While on his journey toward enlightenment, the young man experienced a terrible accident, surviving only after being rescued by a caravan who carried him to a remote Tibetan village to recover. His recovery was hastened by the company of a very old, soft-spoken gentleman whom he came to view as the pivotal friendship of his life.  After an enriched life of wealth and true peace gained from the Articles he bequeaths  them to his nephew by sending him on a journey to acquire them around the globe.

View the film on what the soft spoken

gentle man gave the young man.

  God's Secrets Revealed

Embedded in the fabric of the universe are masterful illustrations of God’s ways, His will, and His unchangeable character. God teaches us through what He has made!  The Articles of Transformation offer God’s remarkable creations as tutors on your quest to find the secrets for true prosperity. Layer upon layer, uncover the keys to your bright future hidden in plain sight.

           The Olive Tree
           The Seed 
           The Constellations

These incontrovertible... unchangeable... indisputable... infallible truths for personal prosperity will change you forever. Heaven’s storehouse is before you. Apply the fruit of wisdom held within these seven lessons and the riches of this life, and the one to come, will be your reward and legacy. 

Since 1980 we have taught the principles and truths found in the Articles of Transformation and now as producers, directors, and a creative team we have produced artistic videos with beautiful images and music to more effectively communicate the what, why and more importantly how to grow into the greatness God has planned for you.

Table of Contents

On your own time, at your own pace, discovery and develop the character attributes that will help you break through the barriers that hold you back from the greatness God has planned for you! Start your journey here:

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