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Facilitating the building of the Kingdom of God one disciple at a time! 

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Click on the picture above to read Javier's full testimony

     Blessings to you – our dear friends and partners of Visible Light Ministries. You have made Javier’s testimony (pictured above), and those of many others across the country, possible by your prayerful support, and generous financial gifts toward distributing our book, "The Assignment: A Prophetic Message and Mission”, and “Quick Notes”, which are facilitating the building of the Kingdom of God one disciple at a time! 


    Activity to Date: Since the first printing arrived on Easter Sunday 2023, we have seeded over 400 copies of our book, “The Assignment: A Prophetic Message and Mission,” and 2000 packs of “Quick Notes”. Placed in the hands of Evangelists, Prison and Jail Ministers, Facilitators of small Bible Study and Prayer Groups, Pastors, and Individual God-seekers, these materials are being used to lay the foundation for a truly Biblical worldview in new believers, and to provide a quick reference - by topic- of the essential teachings of our faith for believers of all ages. 


     Just this past week, we received a request from Inmate Encounter for 160 sets of The Assignment books and Quick Notes to begin Bible study groups for 160 prisoners in Volusia County, FL. Michael and Rebecca LeMay have requested additional materials for the ever-changing populations of the jails and aftercare facilities where they minister. Aidan University is eager for us to complete a series of videos based on the book and Quick Notes to be utilized as entry-level coursework required for all theology students. Newly baptized converts from the Jesus movement sweeping southern California and College Station, Texas will have the opportunity to attend small groups for spiritual formation based on these materials. Even with minimal word-of-mouth exposure during the past year, the requests for our discipleship tools have far outgrown our ability to provide them.


    That’s where you come in. We need your help. Any contribution toward printing and shipping will immediately bless these inmates, new converts, and more, to find hope and a new life in Jesus Christ. One way you can support the work of Visible Light Ministries is to please share this post and Javier’s letter with others. Allow Javier’s spiritual transformation in Christ, and his joy in sharing the Gospel using our discipleship materials to teach others, to motivate your financial support of this ministry’s ever-expanding outreaches.


     We ask you to earnestly pray about joining the non-denominational, global vision of Visible Light Ministries to share the Gospel of grace with simplicity and clarity, and to secure believers in true Biblical knowledge, faith, and practice. Partner with us to establish and safeguard believers in the foundational teachings of Christ, making them unshakable against the wiles of the enemy, and fully equipped in the Word and Spirit to ward off the deception of these evil days. 


Our heartfelt love and appreciation to each of you. May the Lord bless you abundantly for all you do to reach the least of these.


Domenic and Charlie Fusco  


Visit our website for more insight on the discipleship movement.


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