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The Dream... A Vision... A Warning?


Domenic Fusco had a prophetic dream. Here are his words and thoughts:

My cell phone beeper went off waking and startling me. I looked at the clock and it was a little after 4 AM Saturday morning. I turned off my phone completely and tried to go back to sleep. I began to quote 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. As I dozed off having quoted the scripture a few times, the thought came to mind, "I feel the victory of the saints unity."

After I fell asleep, I had a vivid dream. I saw the strong, muscular chest of a white horse. I did not see a rider or the head or legs of the horse in the darkness of the night. It was static; and I felt a spirit of evil. (Possibly the rider and the white horse in Revelation 6). Then the horse faded to black. All of a sudden, out of the black came a darkened picture of a white house. I asked the Lord if it was the capital building, He said “No. It is the White House" Then, as the White House faded out, I saw a white dove that swiftly swept across the entire earth right to left;. Everything faded to black.

I asked the Lord to give me the interpretation of the dream as I have always done in the past. He has never failed to give me the meaning no matter how obscure the visuals/vision appeared. The interpretations He has given me always answered situations in life and gave us action(s) to take or not to take. One interpretation saved us from certain death to come. Another word was to say "no" to an invitation that in retrospect prevented our lives from experiencing great sorrow. And another dream of a man in a black robe on an unknown beach moved us forward toward His calling with an answer to our ministry problems. We had to look up the small island in the dream on a map. We obediently visited it that weekend. These interpretations were very symbolic and could not be interpreted with earthly understanding or abilities.

I laid in bed thinking about the dream. I suddenly felt an extreme presence and anointing of God over my entire body: head to toe. It was greater and more powerful than I’ve ever experienced. It stayed for a good while. While basking in His presence, I thought of the date that the Prophet Robin Bullock mentioned a day or so earlier on a television broadcast. The date that came to mind was 2-22-2022. I asked the Lord: “Lord, is there anything significant about this date? " He answered: “It (the date) will be “a seed”- the beginning - of the outpouring through a portal from Heaven of the Holy Spirit and warring angels coming to earth to defeat the enemies of God as you have prayed for the past few years.” Suddenly, I smelled the fragrance of a beautiful perfume. I thought it might be from my pillow or sheets; but I could not find any cloth around me giving off a scent. I did not recognize the fragrance. It was light and pleasant.

I opened my eyes and saw a faint white figure before me for a moment. It then disappeared and I smelled the fragrance again. In my spirit, I thought about victory over the enemies of our faith as contradicting most end time teaching scenarios. And the word “remnant” came to me. I felt the victory would be for the remnant – a term used for the last yard on a roll of fabric. It would be the watchful few who would be victorious and experience God’s favor amidst the horrors of the last days.

Then the number 300came to mind. That number brought to my remembrance Gideon and his 300 men of valor winning the victory over an estimated 405,000 enemies. God limited the number of Gideon’s army to 300 in order that He alone would receive the glory for the victory. That victory was foretold in a symbolic dream and interpretation of the dream (Judges 7: 13-15) which gave Gideon the confidence to lead his band of warriors against unsurmountable odds. God empowered ordinary men who kept a “watchful” eye as they drank to accomplish an extraordinary victory which resulted in renewing the wavering faith of the Israelites and ushering in 40 years of peace.

I began to think about our upcoming VOW meeting that would start in a few hours: Jeff Ferguson’s monthly gathering of believers over the age of 50 where we have witnessed healings, miracles, and deliverances by God at every meeting over the past year. The Lord spoke to me: “ I will have exactly who I want there today”. It was sort of a warning to not to be discouraged by the number of attendees.

I was impressed to get a pad and pen and record the details of the whole dream and visitation. I did it to the best of my ability. Overwhelmed by His presence, I asked God for a confirmation with a Bible Scripture and He faithfully answered: “Micah 4:6 -7.

“The time is coming,” says the Lord, “when I will gather together the people I punished, those who have suffered in exile. 7 They are crippled and far from home, but I will make a new beginning with those who are left, and they will become a great nation. I will rule over them on Mount Zion from that time on and forever.”

In context, it confirmed in my spirit His ultimate care for the faithful remnant in the end times and the truth that His few will defeat the many.

I got out of bed and wrote everything down thinking that something is about to happen. However, I was not sure about the intensity of the conflict to come. Could it possibly be something that was about to happen in Washington, DC.?

*The following was not in the dream. It came to me later as I reflected on the appearance of the white horse. That In ancient times a conqueror would ride into the conquered nation on a white horse. The white horse represents judgement. In that the white horse in my dream was not in motion, I feel judgement is at the door but not yet released. God is patient and longsuffering.

Later in the morning (2/19/2022), we arrived at our monthly VOW meeting. As the Lord had revealed ahead of time, it was a much smaller gathering than normal. Yet, from the first note played and sung, the anointing on the music director, Lisa Miller Seuis and the VOW choir, swiftly elevated the level of praise into deep worship opening a floodgate of glory into the chapel.

As Jeff Ferguson preached and moved in the prophetic, tears of repentance flowed. Hearts were opened to a renewed commitment and intimacy with God. The reading of the Word was alive as David Seuis shared scripture and called us to the table of the Lord. As we partook of the body and the blood, we experienced the great joy of Koinonia fellowship: our common union in Christ because of His unspeakable sacrifice. There was a new dynamic. infused through the Holy Spirit’s tangible presence.

God’s presence, power, and love was obvious in respect to miraculous manifestations. There was a miracle everyone could see with their eyes. There were healings as people fell in surrender under the power of the Holy Ghost. As we pressed into worship, a large number of people heard a shofar sounding (as did I) its distinctive call several times. It was a supernatural event! There were no shofars nor horns among us; neither were there soundtracks accompanying the singers and musicians. And yet, that unmistakable sound of the shofar filled the place. Like Gideon’s army, God had exactly who He wanted at the gathering to accomplish His purposes. The glory is His alone!

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 NKJV

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