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There Is No Success Without a Successor!

 Over the past few months, we have given away over 300 The Assignment books and almost 800 Quick Notes packages. A great thank you to those who will participate in the rewards of the souls won and lives changed and who have made these gifts available at no cost to the needy. They were distributed to jails, prisons, churches, evangelists, small groups, individuals, etc.. Here is an actual testimony that says it all!

We are watching SUCCESS for God in the making! Think about the disciples being made who will be SUCCESSORS used in this outpouring in the coming decades. Imagine, 60 women in one jail group, 20 in another, 100 Quick Notes just ordered from a men's prison, and 100 individuals. Image how many lives will be won and Heaven bound. They will earn the Bible basics for the first time in their lives as the group leaders use The Assignment Book as a facilitator guide, and all their students are gifted with the life-changing Quick Notes. Praise God!

We are asking everyone who received The Assignment book and Quick Notes to continue to pray for us. We have over 3,500 prisons around the world we are about to send out an invitation to use The Assignment book and support materials to teach the Gospel! Also, we are talking about a large tent crusade where thousands of souls are born-again at every event around the USA. We are actively producing videos for each Quick Note, a training manual, and other resources on to support ministries that are experiencing the outpouring.

This is about winning souls and creating SUCCESSORS just as Jesus created successors of the disciples. He changed the world! Become a Visible Light team member and Thank You for praying for us!

Domenic and Charlie

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