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2024 Movie Guide Awards. Hollywood California

Updated: Feb 24

What a whirlwind of activities and excitement we experienced last weekend at the MovieGuide Gala and Awards in Hollywood, California (Feb 9 -11th)! As many of you know, we produced the four-part docuseries, Murf the Surf-Jewels, Jesus, and Mayhem in the USA, with Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment Studio which is now available for viewing on MGM+.

MovieGuide President, Robbie Baehr, told us there were 1062 films produced last year. Our film was chosen in the top 5! We stand in awe and are blessed to see our long-held vision and creative work come to fruition and be honored among such industry giants! Soli Deo Gloria! AMAZING.

MovieGuide Founder, Dr. Ted Baehr, has made a tremendous impact in the film industry by influencing the major studios to start family-friendly film divisions through his yearly “Report on Hollywood”. Millions of film watchers now benefit from his efforts and are exposed to the Gospel message because of MovieGuide's ongoing outreach to the Hollywood elite and Christian filmmakers and actors.

MovieGuide’s Christian worldview movie reviews are currently viewed by 89 million families on social media each week. MovieGuide’s influence is swiftly surpassing that of the Academy Awards. It provides its viewers with more than an opinion, Click here --->

The photo of me, Charlie, and Dr. Ted Baehr was taken on the Red Carpet as TV, Cable, and News Networks filmed, cameras clicked, and they interviewed us about the making of our film and our opinion about MovieGuide’s influence in Tinseltown and culture at large. Once inside the Avalon Theatre, we mingled with celebrities, industry leaders, and the behind-the-scenes creatives and supporters who make films happen. Although we have filmed and interviewed Red Carpet events before in LA and Atlanta, it was an interesting and rewarding life experience to find ourselves on the other side of the velvet ropes at the 31st Annual MovieGuide Awards.

The lavish pre-gala party, dinner, awards show, after party, and VIP Breakfast at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons the following morning flew by as we met and mingled with well-known stars like Roma Downey, Dennis Quaid, Candice Cameron Bure, Corbin Bernsen, Elizabeth Tabish (Mary of Bethany from “The Chosen”), ever-beloved, Pat Boone, and so many more. But, for us, the real luminaries were Dr. Ted Baehr, Robbie Baehr, and Evy Carrol (daughter of Ted Baehr). They have been dear friends since the late 80s. It was rewarding to be a part of the transformation from MovieGuide’s early days in Atlanta when we produced the first MovieGuide TV programs. This past weekend, it was a privilege to be a part of their fully realized vision to impact Hollywood for the building of the kingdom of God. It is a testament to the tenacious vision and faith of the Baehr’s - against all odds- to transform Hollywood into Holywood: a mission, as you might imagine, that has been fraught with much testing and opposition by the dark side over the years. For those interested in a movie-making profession, take Ted Baehr's Master Class (Workshop).

Charlie and I credit Ted’s encouragement, mentorship, and recommendations for obtaining everything from an entertainment attorney to shopping our film with top studios for getting us to the finish line of creating a critically acclaimed documentary. Read the MovieGuide review of “Murf the Surf: Jewels Jesus, and Mayhem in the USA”.     We would be remiss to not praise the invaluable skills and insights we received from Ted Baehr’s remarkable book and workshop, How to Make It in Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul. Buy the book! Read and re-read it! If you are embarking on a career in screening writing, acting, or other areas of filmmaking, we urge you to take advantage of Ted’s mentoring at one of his power-packed workshops. Whether in a university setting or elsewhere, you will never receive the quality perspective, insider information, professional arts and media instruction, or spiritual insight that can be gleaned from being immersed in Ted’s wisdom and knowledge that empowers you with light to dispel the darkness. His workshops provide phenomenal resources for movie makers to access the tools for success. Thank you, Ted Baehr! It worked!

For over 33 years, I partnered with Jack Murphy’s (Murf the Surf) outreaches in prisons from Puerto Rico to San Quentin, California, documenting his ministry and producing his media. His remarkable testimony and the friendship we shared for decades inspired our desire to create a documentary about his miraculous transformation in Christ. Without warning, before the documentary was completed, the Lord called Jack to His side. Indeed, finishing the Murf the Surf project without Jack was bittersweet. Together, we had planned and documented his life on audio and video tape, gathered all of the supportive resource materials needed, written a script, and planned a campaign to use the finished documentary as a part of implementing discipleship training and materials in prisons, jails, and detention centers.

Charlie and I have kept Jack's vision alive; to give hope to the hopeless with our new book and Quick Notes. "The Assignment" and “Quick Notes” have already been placed in the hands of more than 300 inmates and copies of the docuseries placed with prison ministers for assembly programs with inmates. Behind prison walls, discipleship groups are beginning, and hope is being restored as lives are being transformed from the deepest sin into freedom in Jesus Christ. Please watch the Legacy Testimony of Jack Murphy: “Murf the Surf: Jewels, Jesus, and Mayhem in the USA”. After watching the series, ask yourself if you believe a man or woman can change. If your answer is “YES”, we urge you to become active in carrying out Christ’s prophetic Message and Mission found in Matthew 28 to take the Gospel to every nation, and in Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 25: 39-40 NIV.

“When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ ‘The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Glory to God and Blessings Upon Each of You,

Domenic and Charlie Fusco

For all who have ministered with Jack Murphy in prison or would like to support Jack's legacy, please become a Visible Light financial partner. All partners will receive exclusive access to Murf's Legacy Series: Jack's colorful on-camera interviews (4 hours) covering his reflections from his early childhood and throughout his life. Click the following link for more.

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