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Ouch! My ears are bleeding!

It seems that today, many people are unapologetic-ally punctuating every conversation with "F" bombs. The use of obscenities, vulgarities, and above all profanities, has sadly become commonplace. Passersby talking on phones while taking walks by the lake, diners easily heard across crowded restaurants, moms speaking harshly having lost patience with young children, disgruntled shoppers standing in line at grocery stores, or blasting lyrics from passing car radios - even bumper stickers and T-shirts - have in common the "F" word.

Peppering conversations freely - young and old alike - foul cultural events, talk radio and television, award shows, sports competitions, political debates, school yards, living rooms, and on and on with the "F" word. The use of the "F" word is now inescapably mainstream. Slowly, over the past 4 o 5 decades, it has become culturally tolerated by some, and perfectly acceptable by others, as a replacement for intelligent, descriptive phrases. I, for one, am sick of having my ears battered - offended - by such vulgarity, I have concluded that this societal ill is the result of people being programmed to believe they are no more than the highest evolved form of the animal kingdom rather than unique, divinely created, spiritual beings. Such belief has robbed society of the knowledge of God which results in the gift of an inner moral compass made sensitive to what is good, pure, and of good report by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, these misguided souls give little if any thought to the consequences of their loose tongues. As they show disdain for their fellow man, they reveal their own soulless, depraved humanity.

For those of us who are true followers of Jesus, it is apparent that such darkened consciences desperately need the light and love of Christ. I offer this simple prayer for them: "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."

In the mean time, pass the ear plugs!

Charlie Fusco😔

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